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Favorite CTP Memory?

For the 24 hour experiment in Winter of 2013, I had the opportunity to work with Steve Norris as a writer. I was the Director, and Hanz and Jahbria were the actors. When I look back at that 24 hour experience, what made it truly exhilarating, creative, and worthwhile from start to finish, was the demand for trust.

When you’re throwing down with three other people from scratch, with an intentionally crazy deadline, and a live audience at the end of that crazy deadline…you have no choice!! When absolute trust exists in the room…it somehow gives way to reverence and appreciation…not only for everyone in your group, but for every idea, every ounce of energy, every risk, every choice made by each member. Creating something out of nothing in 24 hours impressive on it’s own. Creating something out of nothing with three other people, all on equal footing, banging away with claws and hammers…is nearly impossible. What makes it possible is the surrender of self to the group.

Letting go of yourself and embracing others' ideas, passions, and instincts. Then you can get lost in whatever is being birthed. Then the material, cleverness, and performance can play second fiddle to acceptance, grace, and utter trust! When the process is the celebration, the end result is allowed to turn from expectation to curiosity…that for me, is when ART and LOVE are allowed to exist simultaneously…and it leaves enthralled and thinking: How did we get here? How did we make this? It’s a gift!! Out of this process, was my favorite CTP moment: When Steve Norris and I sat amongst the live crowd, nearly 24 hours after embarking on such a venture. We were in the crowd, watching our actors on stage, shining, and being fully embraced by the audience…Steve turned to me and said: “Dude, they are loving this!!”

For me, it doesn’t get much exciting than that!! When I think of CTP, where it’s been, what it has accomplished, and where it is heading…it brings me to the “Why” question. Why are we going on? Because.. we are loving this!!!

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