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Sideways Mandate Experiment 2016

This was our first professional experiment and we pulled out all the stops, and decided to get the producers back in the room. What that entailed was a lot of trust from our experimenters and we were so thankful to take that plunge with them all.

Through curveballs that everyone brought in, to our huge breakfast meeting we couldn't have asked to be present with a more willing and balls to the wall group of people.

We left this experiment learning a ton from getting back in the room, and was reminded why we love doing this work!

To bring people together, that might have never gotten a chance to work with one another, and to see magic happen in the room. Sideways Mandate Experimenters thank you, for your trust, energy, enthusiasm and willingness to get back in the room.

Mad love and respect to all you!


Here is our play program from the night.

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