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In February of 2009 Ben, Kendra, and Eva participated in their first ever 24 hour new play workshop experiment at Eastern University. This production was led by one of their very own Eastern Theatre alum, Liz Carlson, and produced for the following four years by Director of Theatre, Mark Hallen. They, Mark & Liz, desired to create a space where students could experience the entire collaborative process from beginning to end. Liz participated in one of these workshops before bringing it to Eastern, and realized the fundamental beauty of the process was that “there was no god in the room, only grace.” No supreme leader making all the calls, rather all collaborators working together on an equal level to make art happen.

Since the first experiment we continued as participants until 2012, when Liz Carlson went on to pursue her Master's Degree and Mark Hallen passed along the project to us, BKE. Our first year we were grateful to produce our first 24 new play workshop alongside Mark. Unfortunately our community dealt with an extreme loss when he passed in the summer of 2013. In the midst of a lot of uncertainty, this project continued on and after our experiment in February of 2015, we decided to share this outside of our original community. We are thankful for the roots of this project and are ecstatic to put this experiment on the road! 

Check out our inspiration and brick layer of all things Chalkboard Theatre Project,  Liz Carlson- Guerin .

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