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Ben Hennesy of BKE is a Playwriting MFA candidate at Temple University’s theatre program and has been making theatre since 2007 as writer, producer, and occasional (extremely hesitant) actor.  He just proud as peaches to have been a part of the CTP production team for the past 4 years and loves to help writers discover how the give and take of theatrical collaboration can open up completely new creative dimensions in their work and their creative processes. He has written over 20 short plays and has had the honor seeing 7 of them come to life on the stages at Eastern and Temple University. If he isn’t writing, reading, working, or CTP-ing, he can often be found on hiking the “mountains” of central PA or people watching in West Philadelphia where he lives with his wife and beloved cat, Jinja.  

Kendra DeMicco of BKE, is a high school English and Theatre teacher in Northwest Colorado where she has the privilege of sharing her four loves, literature, writing, theatre, and social justice. She has been making theatre (in many forms) since 2008, and absolutely loves the raw material of using our bodies to convey elements of the human experience through dialogue, story, music, and movement. She has been a part of this process oriented, experiment of CTP since 2009, and is now thankful to be embarking on this new leg of the journey as a part of the CTP producer triad. She has found that she is madly in love with bringing people together in this particularly wild, collaborative, unpredictable throw down of a 24-hour theatre making process! Although Kendra is crazy about bringing all artist participants together, she has a special place in her heart for our director-type participants, thus her role is to be the director’s facilitator and resource point person.


When she isn’t at school molding young minds, or directing a play at the Hayden High school, she spends her time advocating for educational opportunities for refugees, and cultivating an identity of avid outdoor (wo)man, who loves skiing, hiking, climbing, mountain biking, and camping in the beautiful Colorado wilderness.

Eva Farrell of BKE, is an actor, teaching artist, and quizzical researcher of all the chaos, freedom, and structure that is present within Improvisation. As a past member of the long form improv company Bright Invention, the White Pines Ensemble, she has been able to experiment with many different forms of Improv. She has worked as a Teaching Artist with Yes! And...Collaborative Arts, White Pines Productions, the West-Windsor-Plainsboro School District’s Community Education Program in central jersey, and a couple stints as a specialist teacher for Eastern University’s Theatre program.  Teaching students from all walks of life including age ranges, special needs, and diverse settings is one of the threads of her mission in life. She also enjoys assembling actors into C.T.P.'s safe trust fall of a process and seeing what comes out of the catch. She is not much of a coffee drinker and actually gets the shakes during each one of these events, which adds upon the sheer ecstasy that occurs whilst watching new artistic teams learn how to brainstorm, write, improv, and perform together!

When she is not collaborating with her fellow C.T.P. members, or donning her theatre teaching artist cap, you can find Eva expanding her yoga practice or tearing up the mountain biking trails of central jersey with her apprehensive yet, ironically, challenge-seeking husband!

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