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April, 2020

Dates: 4/17/2020-4/19/2020

Total Duration: 48 hrs.

Show: 6:00 pm Sunday, April 19th


LiveStream Click Play:

The Quarantine Experiment


Our next experiment is going virtual folks. Due to the worldwide COVD-19 pandemic, we woke up one morning and asked ourselves why not try our experiment online!


After the fastest text exchange of our lives, we were all in. Our experimenters are venturing into the virtual unknown. We are spreading this experiment over two days but the creation time will remain in the 24 hour time frame. With experimenters spanning 3 times zones and in their homes all over the country we are looking forward to endless coffee pots of creativity, and helping foster some new plays and collaborative teams into existence.


Don't miss out on the show Sunday, April 19th at 6:00 pm live streamed from TWITCH. Link is to the left and tickets are invisible make sure to bring yours! 

Follow our journey:

#QuarantineExperiment #pantsoptional #sleepoptional

#chalkboardtheatreproject #zoomnotoptional #48hourexperiment #longdistancetheatre

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