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Hayden Experiment 2016

Hey Experimenters of the CTP world!

We are just getting back from our Hayden Experiment and we are on top of the world. Well we were literally on top of the world there for a bit, being a mile high in Colorado, but now we are coming back down to reality and still reeling from the outcomes of the past experiment.

We took 20 first time experimenters from Hayden High School, put them in their respective groups, and for 24 hours watched the magic unfold.

Every time we do these experiments we realize that different variables creep up and make their way into it! The variable for the Hayden Experiment became how do you take a small rural community group of high schoolers and encourage them to collaborate with people they have grown up around for the majority of their lives?

Collaborating is hard, no matter if you are 2 and you are first learning how to share or you're 20 and working on a group project at work or in college. We found that sometimes it can be even harder when you have known someone for copious amounts of time. Know each other they did, at Hayden High Schoo,l so much so that they didn't need to do the initial name or get to know you games we are used to playing. It's surprising though, regardless, of how much you have been around someone, what does it mean to truly know them? I believe our experimenters got a bigger glimpse into who their classmates are through this process and came out on the other end with a bit more respect and empathy for each other. Keep your eyes open for our upcoming blog posts straight from our experimenter's fingers at Hayden High School!

Peace, Love, & Hair Grease,

E of BKE

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