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Eastern Experiment 2015

Our 3rd Experiment at Eastern was special we had so many new experimenters in particular a ton of new writers that we introduced to this process. We had two groups morph into a super group, had excessive amounts of bread from a local bakery, and added some new curveballs into the arena with our past and present experimenters.


Eastern University 2015

Movement Specialist: Kendra DeMicco

Improv Specialist: Steve Norris

Music Specialist: Jason Collier

Assistants: Peter Haag, Kim Alloway, and Rachel Vogel

Light Board Operator, Script Saver, & All Around Production Guru: Dr. Steve Norris

Silent Treatment

By: Seth Miller

Director: Largo Wittstadt

Caitlyn Hinkle as Daughter

Liz Stevens as Mother

Beauty & Beast

By: Becky Shaw

Director: Allison Cox

Chris Packard as Beast

Laura Bilger as Beauty

As the Days of Our Lives Turn

By: Heather McBride

Director: Brandon Rexrode

Melyssa Searcy as Vivica

Ruth Tirado as Luna


By: Stephanie Oelrich

Director: Alicia Hayes

Carly Nuneviller as Mitty

Rebecca Coppola as Dora


By: Bridget Fox

Director: Joe Ferry

Randy Way as Ryan

Sam Jednorski as Ariel and Mom

Just Go

By: Lizzie Vollmer

Director: Brian Farrell

Emily Marks as Pat

Raini Linton as Renee

Clue: The Grey Years

(Fifty Shades of Sluts)

By: Kelsey Hoffman & Rebekah Plourde

Co- Directors: Andrew Whitehead & Shannon Flannery

Emilie Shaughnessy as Mrs. White

Margaret Anthony as Mrs. Peacock

Sam Todorovich as Miss Scarlet

Consensual Cannibalism

By: Brooke Fitzgerald

Director: Jahbria Cofield

Casey McGinty as Eron

Kit Apostolacus as Jamie

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