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Eastern Experiment 2013

Our first experiment as a group was back in February of 2013, back then we were still calling them New Play Workshops and this first year we did a lot! We had 9 teams, one that was an improvising group and one that was a dance group, with 6 traditional groups creating in the same space.

Here is our program from the night:


Eastern University 2013

Executive Producer: Mark Hallen

Co-Producers: Ben Hennesy, Kendra DeMicco, Eva Hall

Technical Director: Mark Duska

Marketing: Maeve Duska

Amazing Helpers: Brian Farrell & Matt Schmidt

Circus School


Becky Quinones

Chris Packard

Jamie Trevino


By: Rebekah Henson Plourde

Director: Natalie Hann

Kaitlyn Albone as Janelle

Laura Bilger as Jane


By: Steve Norris

Director: Brent Liebman

Hanz Weitzel as Klaus

Jahbria Cofield as Gemini

Top of Texas Catholic Superstore

By: Shannon Flannery

Director: Bri Hall

Laura Eby as Sister

Margaret Anthony as Merle

The Chinchilla Farm

By: Rachel Stout

Director: Dan Ison

Alyse Haldeman as Jane

Largo Wittstadt as Katia

The Movement of Our Say

By: Angeley Crawford

Director: Mark Hallen


Jenny Davidowicz & Rachel Lyons

Precious Parts

By: Andrew Whitehead

Director: Rebecca Coppola

Alicia Hayes as Woman

David Engard as Man

The Wall

By: Seth Miller

Director: Tara Tamburello

Casey McGinty as Karen

Joe Ferry as Michael

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