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A Director's Perspective

This weekend, I had the opportunity to participate in the Chalkboard Theatre Project, and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. Being put in a room with two actors, a writer, and a director, and take on the task of creating a play in 24 hours, isn't something a lot of people would decide to do. Thankfully, I did. I got to interact with people that normally, I wouldn't interact with. Better yet, I got to learn about who they are. What they enjoy, what they are passionate about, and the way they interact with others. I was also able to learn about another part of myself that I didn't exactly knew existed. You find another part of yourself, and fall in love with it, through the process, and it's truly amazing. This experience was stressful, but so incredibly fun. I got to learn so many things, especially the fact that yes, it's possible to create a play with only 3 hours of sleep and large amounts of coffee. The process is something so extraordinary, and quite different. It was awesome being able to see what my peers had also created in the process. I have to say, considering that we were all sleep deprived, and only running on coffee, I am so proud of my team, and all the others. Everyone did a fantastic job. Each play was so unique. Thank you to our producers, Ms. De Micco, Eva, and Ben. Without you guys, none of us would have been able to have this experience. It will be one I will never forget!

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