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Eastern Experiment 2014

This year, was what we call a dark year during our experimenting. We lost our Director of Theatre Mark Hallen and this was the first experiment we were doing without him. Through this 24-hr. workshop we witnessed the still palpable grief that was present in our community and realized there was a little bit of healing that happened during this communion of time together.

Below are the only pictures we have from this time, and our program.


Eastern University 2014

Improv Specialists: Chris Packard, Melyssa Searcy

Music Specialists: Margaret Anthony, Hans Weitzel

Movement Specialist: Brian Farrell

Light Design and Operation: Allison Cox

Designer, Helper and Renaissance Woman: Rebecca Coppola

This Just In

By: Seth Miller

Director: Caitlyn Shaffstall

Laura Eby as Colleen

Grace Geisler as Beverly

She's Not Who I Thought She Was

By: Seth Baliles

Director: Brandon Rexrode

Sam Jednorski as Liz

Sam Todorovich as Serena


By: Ben Hennesy

Director: Jaime Nielsen

Jahbria Cofield as Charlie

Stephanie Sampson as Jackie

The Chess Match

By: Becky Shaw

Director: Joe Ferry

Peter Haag as Disease

Largo Wittstadt as Girl

Down to the River to Play

By: Rachel A.L. Vogel

Director: Brent Liebman

Kim Alloway as Memory

Raini Linton as Survival


By: Rebekah Henson Plourde

Director: Alyse Haldeman

Randi Hickey as Zoe

Carly Nuneviller as Aisling

Just a Game

By: Steve Norris

Director: Alicia Hayes

Heather McBride as Alyssa

Liz Stevens as Jackie

Let us Cross Over

Written and Performed By:

Brooke Fitzgerald,

Shannon Flannery

and Andrew Whitehead

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